Our experience: Disney Epcot During Food and Wine.

We loved Epcot, the first day we went. Our daughter had so much fun and we have so many great memories with Characters from that day:




We loved food and wine during the weekday, HOWEVER! When it came to our Sunday dinner we were attempting to go, and it was not worth it with a Toddler. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND FOOD AND WINE ON THE WEEKENDS WITH A TODDLER! We ended up saying forget it and left, it was so crowded. If it was just the two of us, no big deal. With the stroller however, and the crowds, it was 100% stressful. Now we know not all people are this way but most people were highly intoxicated and not paying any attention, Chris got a beer spilled on him. Now if you don’t want to go to world showcase, on the weekend during Food and Wine, the rides near the front were not long waits at all. If you want to do Food and Wine with a toddler though, go during the week. Crowds were smaller, and the stroller wasn’t an inconvenience.

That is our own personal opinion and experience and our recommendation. We had so much fun at Epcot on our first day there. Which was a Wednesday, lower crowds (Still crowded) but longest line we waited in was to meet Anna and Elsa. We fast passed Frozen, living with the land, and Spaceship Earth. We single Ridered Test Track and it worked out amazing. Our meet and Greet with Minnie and Pluto was a special meet and greet for Disney Chase Card holders. We had dinner at the Biergarten which was fantastic. The entertainment portion was a blast even though Alice slept through the whole thing.


That is all for today!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come

What we are most excited for: Epcot

Here we go again! Here is what we are looking most forward to while at Epcot. If you haven’t already done so check out: our most excited for, Magic Kingdom and the original  What we are most excited for post!

  1. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall: We did this on our Honeymoon, had a great experience, and did it again during our gender reveal and had an iffy dinner experience. We managed to get a lunch reservation this time, which for us meeting the princesses with Alice was 100% worth it. (Can you guess who Alice is going to be dressed up as when we go?)
  2. Food and Wine Festival: We will be there during the Food and Wine Festival which we have never done before and are extremely excited to be trying a bunch of new foods while we are there.
  3. Taking Alice on Spaceship Earth: Another one of those rides we are beyond excited to take Alice on. This is a ride a close friend of ours worked at while doing the College Program and it means a lot to take her on.
  4. Exposing Alice to different cultures: We are big on giving Alice the opportunity to experience other cultures. Epcot is a great way to do that, yes she is only one but this is going to be a chance for her to experience new foods, and entertainment from each of the locations.
  5. Biergarten Restaurant: We haven’t eaten her before and we have always wanted to, with live entertainment, and community tables, we are really looking forward to experiencing this restaurant.
    (Image from tripadvisor)
  6. Meeting Joy and Sadness: Alice has a love for Inside Out, so having the opportunity to meet Joy and Sadness has us really excited. As long as Jangles the clown isn’t there…Alice is terrified of Jangles. I mean who wouldn’t be? He is a little creepy..
    (Image used from ravishly.com)

That is all for today! Only three more days!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

What we are most excited for: Magic Kingdom

For this post we are focusing on what we are most excited for at Magic Kingdom. This includes, rides, meet and greets, events, and dining. If you missed our What we are most excited for original Blog I will link it here: Here

  1. Taking Alice on Dumbo for the first time: We are so excited to take her on this classic ride. First, they have created an awesome cue for this ride. You get a buzzer, in long line situations, and they have a playground inside for the kids to play at. When your buzzer goes off, it is your turn to go to the outside cue. Second, Dumbo is a favorite of one of Alice’s Aunts. This is a huge moment that we will be recording just for the Aunt.
  2. Be Our Guest Restaurant: We have been to Be Our Guest everytime we have gone as a couple. We got the opportunity to take Alice and we jumped at the chance to share this experience with her. We are not sure how she will react to the Beast, but it will be memorable nonetheless.
  3. Her first Dole Whip: Dole Whip, the amazing wonderful pineapple ice cream treat. You can get just the ice cream or a float. We had Dole whip last year for the first time when Sammie was pregnant. It was amazing and we are excited to give Alice her first ever taste.
  4. Meeting the Princesses: We got Fastpasses for Cinderella, Elena (who she loves), Rapunzel, and Tiana. She enjoys and loves watching their movies and shows. Elena is one of her all time favorites though. So we are super excited to have gotten Fastpasses to meet them. We also personally love these meet and greets, they are so interactive and the moment is really special.
  5. Meeting Tinkerbell: This is going to be a special moment for Sammie. Tinkerbell is Sammie’s all time favorite, and having Alice meet Tinkerbell for the first time is going to be a magical moment.
  6. Trying Casey’s Corner: We have said time and time again we are going to try Casey’s Corner on Main Street. We still haven’t this time we made sure to make time to try. That Mac and Cheese Hot Dog sounds AMAZING!
  7. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: This will be a first for us all! This will also be Alice’s First trick or treating ever! A magical moment for all, we are going to be: THE LITTLE MERMAID! Chris: Eric, Sammie: Ariel, Alice: Flounder. We are super excited to experience this event!
  8. Peter Pan’s Flight: The last fastpass we got was Peter Pan’s Flight, another amazing ride that we are excited to see how she likes it. Flying over Neverland in your own pirate ship, amazing!


Of course there is a lot we are excited for but these are the things we are MOST excited for.

Until next time: The best is yet to come!

Top 10 Must Try Foods at Walt Disney World

Although we have experienced Disney a number of times, there are still places and foods we have yet to try. We have composed a Top 10 must try foods while we are at Disney.

10) Waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kingdom.

9) Apple Strudel from Sommerfest, Germany Pavillion at Epcot

8) Cinnamon Rolls from Gaston’s Tavern at Magic Kingdom.

7) Caramel Popcorn from Karamell-Kuche, Germany Pavillion at Epcot

6) A Treat from Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom

5) Croque Glacé, L’Artisan des Glaces, French Pavillion at Epcot

4) Fried Rice, Yak and Yeti quick service, at Animal Kingdom

3) School Bread, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Norway Pavillion, at Epcot

2) Ramen, Katsura Grill, Japan Pavilion, at Epcot

1) Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, at all parks.

No we have not tried a Premium Ice Cream Bar yet, well at least Sammie hasn’t and neither has Alice, so it is a must do on this trip. Following our trip look for our Top 5 of our Favorite 1st time snacks!

That is all for today!

Until next time Remember: The best is yet to come!

Top 5 Relaxing Rides/Shows at Hollywood Studios

Here it is the last of the 4 parks of Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios. This list took a little longer than the others because there are not as many rides here as there are shows. Here it is, our Top 5 Relaxing rides/shows of Hollywood studios.

5) Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular: this is a fun entertaining show at Hollywood Studios, it does get some people involved from the audience, you don’t have to volunteer though and it does get you off your feet for a while. The downfall here is that it does get you off your feet but on a hot day you are still outside. At the end though the show is fun and you do get to sit down so it does make our Top 5.

4) Voyage of the Little Mermaid: We loved this show and it was really cute. It is air conditioned and the seats are like theater seats. We enjoyed watching the “movie” as a live action here but it isn’t as long as some of the other shows that are offered at Hollywood Studios. It does get you off your feet for a little while and gives you a nice cool place to relax.

3) Toy Story Mania: This is about the only real relaxing ride on our list. It may not seem so relaxing to some because you do have to shoot stuff in the gallery, but you do get to sit down for a little while and the cue is air conditioned. The reason it made our Top 5 as a relaxing ride is more for if you are a parent of kids who have to sit on your lap. You get to sit back and let them control the ride while you relax in the seat! Downfall to this ride is it always has a long cue.

2)For the First Time in Forever, A Frozen Sing Along: This is a 30 minute show about the Frozen movie. It replaced Aladdin, which was also amazing, and so the seats here are wonderful. It is again air conditioned and gives you a nice break from the heat outside. It is Frozen and the Queen can make it snow, so we wouldn’t expect anything less than a cool place to chill, and let it go.

1) Our number one is….BEAUTY AND THE BEAST LIVE ON STAGE! This show is 25 minutes long and is amazing. You have the chance to sit back and relax and watch an amazing performance and listen to some of your favorite classic songs from the movie. We love this show and can’t wait to take Alice on our upcoming trip.

That is our Top 5 Relaxing Rides/ Shows at Hollywood studios!

Honorable Mention to: Disney Junior LIVE! This is fun especially if you have kids, it didn’t make the Top 5 for one reason…NO SEATS. You read that right, no seats, you sit on the floor for this one. The kids are up dancing for the most part so the open room without seats is understandable but it is a killer on the back.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!



Top 5 Relaxing Rides at Animal Kingdom

We have done Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and now it is time for Animal Kingdom!

5) Rafiki’s Planet Watch Train: We loved the train to Rafiki’s planet watch, we love even more that you can just ride it around, and around, and around, to your hearts content. Now we do like to go to Rafiki’s planet watch hangout there and then ride the train a few times but it is a great place to sit and relax for a little while. We loved the train ride because we did get to see the Baby Rhino at their behind the scene location. It was really cool, and so is the breeze from the ride.

4) It’s Tough To Be A Bug: This is a cute sit down show, the first time we did it though Sammie did scream at the end when the “Bugs” touched her butt. Sorry spoiler, but trust us Sammie wished she had that heads up beforehand. This is a great sit down show that lasts about 9 minutes. It is cute, the stink bugs really do stink though so fair warning. It is cool in the theater and the seats are decent. Nice time to relax and watch the entertainment of Bugs!

3) Finding Nemo the Musical: Very cute show and it is a great way to relax for more than a few minutes. This is a 40 minute show, so this isn’t for someone who can’t or won’t sit long. Not sure how Alice will do when we take her.  Now they can let you leave if your child becomes crazy or is screaming. However if you child falls asleep in a carrier and can sleep through noise, this is a great place to let them sleep and you can get off your feet.

2) Festival of The Lion King: This did not make number one for us for one reason: Bleacher seating. Love this show it is amazing and a must do while at Animal Kingdom, but the seats do not have a back which can be hard for some. We do however love this show and it is a great place to relax. This is another long one at 30 minutes but it is amazing and entertaining. The music is beautiful and it is so much fun to see some of your favorite Lion King characters!

1)Our number one is…Kilimanjaro Safaris: This hit number one for us because it is an all time favorite of ours. With decent seats, and seeing animals, it is Animal Kingdom after all, we love this relaxing ride through the African Plains. We have seen so many really cool animals on this ride and it is even better in the rain. Between the sitting, cool breeze, amazing animals, and the ability to relax and take some cool pictures, it ranks number one in our books.

What about you? Do you have a favorite at Animal kingdom? Leave it in the comments below!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

Top 5 Relaxing Rides at Epcot

We have already done our top 5 relaxing rides at Magic Kingdom so next up is Epcot.

5) Impressions De France: this is a great place to cool off. It has seats which is nice and even better it is Air Conditioned! Located at the back of the France Pavilion this movie about France comes in at number 5 for one reason: Sammie fell asleep. It is great information if you are awake and there is lots to learn. When we did this though Sammie was pregnant with Alice at the time and needed a break. She fell asleep for this entire movie, which is 18 minutes long. She can say that it is a perfect location for a quick snooze.

4) The Sea with Nemo and Friends: A short 5 minute ride but it does get you off your feet. This is a nice short ride that again is air conditioned. Although we have never seen this line exceed a 25 minute wait time, if there is a long wait the cue is air conditioned and there is lots to see. When you get off this ride you can explore the aquarium at the end which is a nice little break from everything else and again it is air conditioned. This ride may be short but it is fun.

3) Grand Fiesta Tour: located inside the Mexico Pavilion this is about a 8-10 minute ride and is a nice way to get off your feet. The Mexico Pavilion tends to be cooler because it is darker inside. This is a great little boat ride to find Donald, find hidden mickeys, and relax. This is another one that rarely if ever has a long wait time. The only time we saw a long line was a school group had gotten there before us and had like 50 people.

2) Spaceship Earth: You can’t miss this ride, located right at the opening inside the giant dome ball, Spaceship Earth is one of our all time favorites. This 15 minute ride is a great way to take a break and relax. You also get to answer some fun questions and get to watch a movie of yourselfs at the end in your future! Pretty cool, plus it tends to be cooler. Unless the ride stops at the fire and smoke part…then it tends to be a little hot and a little smokey. But ultimately this ride is great for relaxation.

1)Our number one is…LIVING WITH THE LAND! Our favorite Epcot ride, we ride it at least 10 times while there, we love living with the land. This 20 minute ride is a great way to relax and learn some really cool things about Disney’s greenhouse and how they grow foods, which you can enjoy at the Garden Grill, right above the ride. This is also a great one for anyone who looks for hidden mickeys, why? There are a ton! Some are trickier than others but they are 100% worth looking for at this location. 20 minute ride through the greenhouse, we were sold and it was surprisingly cool inside.

So there you have it our Top 5 Relaxing rides at Epcot. What about you? Do you have a favorite? leave it in the comments below!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

Our Top 5 Relaxing Rides at Magic Kingdom

We figured this would be a good one to do, a busy day at any of the park calls for a sit down ride that you can just chill out on for a few minutes and not feel crazy. Especially on those hot days! Here are our top 5 Relaxing rides at Magic Kingdom!

5) The Train: Okay so the train may seem like a lame thing to put on here but you can ride it to different parts of the park or in one big circle. This will allow you to just take a little time to relax. Kids don’t know the difference on what is considered an attraction or not. The train is the perfect way to take a break and even possibly catch a little snooze.

4) Jungle Cruise: This attraction is full of punny remarks, but it is sit down and it is a longer ride. This is a nice break to sit back, relax, and enjoy the jokes. There are great sites to see like the 8th Wonder of the World! I mean who doesn’t love the backside of a waterfall? But getting off your feet for this journey through the jungle is great!

3) The Country Bear Jamboree: This 15 minute show is a great way to sit down and take a break. The show is fun but our favorite thing is that you get to sit. It is a great way to entertain the kids while taking a nice break from the heat. The theater is dark and last time we were there this was air conditioned. This gets you a nice cool off place with some entertainment!

2) The Carousel of Progress: Another wonderful sit down show to enjoy. This too is air conditioned. A classic ride for anyone to enjoy and this 20 minute long ride tells you all about the great big beautiful tomorrow! You will be singing this song by the end of the show. It is great way to relax and we have even seen some people catching a nap. Starting in the 1900s and ending in what they believed would be the 21st Century, this ride is a wonderful classic and a must see. The wait times for this are usually not very long and it is totally worth it!

1) Our number one and all time favorite, THE PEOPLE MOVER: This is a great little tour around Tomorrowland and goes through some of the history behind some of Walt’s dreams. It takes you through space mountain, into Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and above one of the gift shops. This is a great ride and it is even better for people watching! Wave to other cars that you pass by because they might just wave back! We also have found this to be nice when it is drizzling and still hot out, the breeze is just right and you will get slightly wet but it is the perfect amount of cooling.


That is it! Our Top 5 relaxing rides at the Magic Kingdom!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

(Featured Image credit to Disneys Memory Maker Package)

Top 5 reasons Why We Love Magical Express

When traveling from the Orlando International Airport to Disney we always take the Magical Express. These are the Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Disney’s Magical Express.

5)   Plays Disney shorts and informative videos before you arrive. While riding on the bus you get to watch Disney shorts with old time Goofy, Mickey, and Donald. It also gives you informative information and some history about the Disney parks which we think is pretty cool; for example we learned that some Show Keepers learned to draw characters using the tools of their trade for guests in the early morning.

4) Free Luggage Delivery to your hotel. Who doesn’t like not having to worry about picking up their luggage from the carousels after arriving to go to Disney? US! We love that with the Magical Express each person in your party gets one piece of luggage delivered to your hotel and room. Fair warning, it could take up to three hours after you arrive at Disney for your luggage to arrive to your room. So make sure to have anything you need immediately with your or pick up that luggage at your carousel. How do they figure out which luggage goes to Disney and which goes to the carousel? These yellow luggage tags (pictured below). Each person in your party receives one and when the luggage comes off the plane it is pulled away from other luggage without these tags and placed on a Magical Express cart and sent off to a different location to be loaded up and sent off to Disney. For this trip we have three tags we can utilize since there are three of us. If you need more bags than a carry on and a checked bag per person, you will have to go to the carousel and pick up extra luggage. We never need more than one checked bag each so this is a huge plus for us.


3) Allows you relax going to and leaving from Disney. After traveling to Orlando International and navigating your way from the concourse to the airport proper, its nice not having to get into a rental and driving to your hotel. Even though our flight is only a few hours and we don’t suffer from jetlag, we like the ability to nap going to and from Orlando International. We’re guaranteed not to get lost and we like being chauffeured around.

2) Convenience: The convenience of the Magical Express is a huge plus too. Being located at the airport, and not needing to worry about renting a car is always awesome. It picks you up at the hotel at the end of the trip and you don’t have to worry about returning the car with a full tank of gas. This also allows us to leave the carseat at home, super convenient! The bus drivers are always kind and willing to help load the bags you do have on the bottom of the bus and are there when you exit to help you off.


1)It is Free!!!! Our number one reason we love Disney Magical Express is that it is FREE! Yes that’s right you read that correctly: F-R-E-E!!! When you stay on site it costs nothing extra you just sign up with your package and give them your flight information and then when you get off your flight it is off to the buses.  Sometimes there is some wait for your bus to be ready but it is 100% worth it.


We have attached images of what we were sent from Magical express in the mail, to help give you more information incase you’re interested. We hope this helps you!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

(Featured image Credit to Google)

What is in our Travel Diaper Bag?

We decided to do a post on what is in our travel diaper bag for our upcoming Disney Trip! This bag is packed and ready to go for our flight and first day at Disney. Under each picture will be a description on what we packed and why.


First up is our Bag this is our Swiss backpack that we got years ago at Sams Club. Chris used it throughout college and even at his job. This bag is super comfy, can fit lots of stuff in it, and meets all of the airline requirements for a bag.


Next up is our family binder. This holds ALL of our emergency information, trip information, Alice’s Proof of Age, everything! Now you may think we are crazy for having this but hear us out; this binder is for any emergency situations that may come up, for example, car accident, lost child, etc. All of our information is right here for anyone who may need it. It says who they have permission to call and release information too and gives them important allergy information for all of us.

Extra clothing for Alice. We have two outfits here, one is a basic outfit and the other is her Alice in Wonderland dress. We are hoping to meet Alice while there and do plan to change Alice into this costume to meet Alice. I mean who doesn’t want a picture of Alice with Alice dressed as Alice? Confused yet?


Extra shirts for us, we have gotten rained out twice before and were freezing without a change of clothing. So we made sure not to forget extra clothes this trip. We also have two words for you SPIT UP! Yes even at Alice’s age she has puked or spit up on occasion we don’t want to smell that all day on our clothes.


These are the items from the very top of the bag. From left to right and then top. We have two portable chargers for our phones, a spare battery for Alice’s stroller fan, pacifier wipes, a special toy and treat for extremely long lines, an empty ziplock bag, and a Moana tsum tsum. Why two portable chargers you ask, we have them and then we are guaranteed a charged charger each day versus waking up and realizing our one and only is still dead. The spare battery incase her fan dies and pacifier cleaners so we can clean a dropped pacifier. A special toy and snack for long lines, we talked about this unsure if we were going to do it. In the end the thought that this could help major meltdowns was a reason for us to give it a shot, we will let you know if it works! A ziplock bag for wet clothes, cellphone protection from water rides, or to hold leftover snacks. Moana is for our flight, she loves Moana and tsum tsums so we figured this would be a fun little surprise for the flight.


From left to right, top to bottom: Sunglasses, a clean sippy cup, Water Wow! board and pen, and two pouches. These are all really self explanatory, the Water Wow! is our highly recommended item for flights; little mess, lots of fun, and magical!


Diapers and wipes, again self explanatory. We will say this, make sure you pack plenty of them! We have eight diapers and a new pack of wipes going with us because we don’t know if our hotel will be ready when we get there and we may be going right to the park!


From left to right then top: Snack cup, glow sticks, washcloth, sunscreen, pacifier clip, placemats that stick to the table, hat, and spoons. The snack cup has three compartments and we will fill it with her favorite types of crackers. Glow Sticks are to attach to our stroller! We want to make sure we can find our stroller and it sticks out even at night. Why a washcloth? On extremely hot days this is great to get wet and help little one cool off. Sunscreen to help prevent burns and a pacifier clip to help not lose the pacifier. We guarantee we will still lose the pacifier. Placemats, these are great, they stick to the table and can be tossed after a meal. We have staff at restaurants thank us for doing this because it saves them a lot of time not having to scrub after a sticky messy kids. The hat to protect her head. Our own spoons, this is for if we go to the baby care centers at the parks to feed Alice. We looked into disposable spoons but honestly these work just as well and if we lose them we aren’t heartbroken.


Next is Blanky. This is a lightweight muslin blanket we are bringing for multiple reasons. One is for sun coverage it clips on with binder clips really easily to our stroller. Second something to keep her a little warmer in colder rides. Finally the most important something for her to snuggle. She loves these types of blankets to cuddle when she goes to sleep and will use it rather than her lovey.


Finally and it probably is least surprising that it is Alice in wonderland, is our wallet. This holds all of our Disney gift cards, our tips for restaurants, our credit cards that we do bring and our IDs. Sammie doesn’t carry a purse she puts everything in this wallet in the backpack.

Some things we will pack that are not pictured:

  • Stroller fan
  • Ponchos
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottles- Alice is on the Nuk Sippy cup with a soft nipple similar to a bottle so we need that for her to drink milk from on the plane.
  • Milk- We buy Nesquik milk from BJs in the bulk packs that are non-refrigerated so that we have milk for the flight and then we budgeted milk at the hotel and at restaurants into our planning.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!