Top 5 Relaxing Rides/Shows at Hollywood Studios

Here it is the last of the 4 parks of Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios. This list took a little longer than the others because there are not as many rides here as there are shows. Here it is, our Top 5 Relaxing rides/shows of Hollywood studios.

5) Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular: this is a fun entertaining show at Hollywood Studios, it does get some people involved from the audience, you don’t have to volunteer though and it does get you off your feet for a while. The downfall here is that it does get you off your feet but on a hot day you are still outside. At the end though the show is fun and you do get to sit down so it does make our Top 5.

4) Voyage of the Little Mermaid: We loved this show and it was really cute. It is air conditioned and the seats are like theater seats. We enjoyed watching the “movie” as a live action here but it isn’t as long as some of the other shows that are offered at Hollywood Studios. It does get you off your feet for a little while and gives you a nice cool place to relax.

3) Toy Story Mania: This is about the only real relaxing ride on our list. It may not seem so relaxing to some because you do have to shoot stuff in the gallery, but you do get to sit down for a little while and the cue is air conditioned. The reason it made our Top 5 as a relaxing ride is more for if you are a parent of kids who have to sit on your lap. You get to sit back and let them control the ride while you relax in the seat! Downfall to this ride is it always has a long cue.

2)For the First Time in Forever, A Frozen Sing Along: This is a 30 minute show about the Frozen movie. It replaced Aladdin, which was also amazing, and so the seats here are wonderful. It is again air conditioned and gives you a nice break from the heat outside. It is Frozen and the Queen can make it snow, so we wouldn’t expect anything less than a cool place to chill, and let it go.

1) Our number one is….BEAUTY AND THE BEAST LIVE ON STAGE! This show is 25 minutes long and is amazing. You have the chance to sit back and relax and watch an amazing performance and listen to some of your favorite classic songs from the movie. We love this show and can’t wait to take Alice on our upcoming trip.

That is our Top 5 Relaxing Rides/ Shows at Hollywood studios!

Honorable Mention to: Disney Junior LIVE! This is fun especially if you have kids, it didn’t make the Top 5 for one reason…NO SEATS. You read that right, no seats, you sit on the floor for this one. The kids are up dancing for the most part so the open room without seats is understandable but it is a killer on the back.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!



Top 5 Relaxing Rides at Epcot

We have already done our top 5 relaxing rides at Magic Kingdom so next up is Epcot.

5) Impressions De France: this is a great place to cool off. It has seats which is nice and even better it is Air Conditioned! Located at the back of the France Pavilion this movie about France comes in at number 5 for one reason: Sammie fell asleep. It is great information if you are awake and there is lots to learn. When we did this though Sammie was pregnant with Alice at the time and needed a break. She fell asleep for this entire movie, which is 18 minutes long. She can say that it is a perfect location for a quick snooze.

4) The Sea with Nemo and Friends: A short 5 minute ride but it does get you off your feet. This is a nice short ride that again is air conditioned. Although we have never seen this line exceed a 25 minute wait time, if there is a long wait the cue is air conditioned and there is lots to see. When you get off this ride you can explore the aquarium at the end which is a nice little break from everything else and again it is air conditioned. This ride may be short but it is fun.

3) Grand Fiesta Tour: located inside the Mexico Pavilion this is about a 8-10 minute ride and is a nice way to get off your feet. The Mexico Pavilion tends to be cooler because it is darker inside. This is a great little boat ride to find Donald, find hidden mickeys, and relax. This is another one that rarely if ever has a long wait time. The only time we saw a long line was a school group had gotten there before us and had like 50 people.

2) Spaceship Earth: You can’t miss this ride, located right at the opening inside the giant dome ball, Spaceship Earth is one of our all time favorites. This 15 minute ride is a great way to take a break and relax. You also get to answer some fun questions and get to watch a movie of yourselfs at the end in your future! Pretty cool, plus it tends to be cooler. Unless the ride stops at the fire and smoke part…then it tends to be a little hot and a little smokey. But ultimately this ride is great for relaxation.

1)Our number one is…LIVING WITH THE LAND! Our favorite Epcot ride, we ride it at least 10 times while there, we love living with the land. This 20 minute ride is a great way to relax and learn some really cool things about Disney’s greenhouse and how they grow foods, which you can enjoy at the Garden Grill, right above the ride. This is also a great one for anyone who looks for hidden mickeys, why? There are a ton! Some are trickier than others but they are 100% worth looking for at this location. 20 minute ride through the greenhouse, we were sold and it was surprisingly cool inside.

So there you have it our Top 5 Relaxing rides at Epcot. What about you? Do you have a favorite? leave it in the comments below!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

Our Top 5 Relaxing Rides at Magic Kingdom

We figured this would be a good one to do, a busy day at any of the park calls for a sit down ride that you can just chill out on for a few minutes and not feel crazy. Especially on those hot days! Here are our top 5 Relaxing rides at Magic Kingdom!

5) The Train: Okay so the train may seem like a lame thing to put on here but you can ride it to different parts of the park or in one big circle. This will allow you to just take a little time to relax. Kids don’t know the difference on what is considered an attraction or not. The train is the perfect way to take a break and even possibly catch a little snooze.

4) Jungle Cruise: This attraction is full of punny remarks, but it is sit down and it is a longer ride. This is a nice break to sit back, relax, and enjoy the jokes. There are great sites to see like the 8th Wonder of the World! I mean who doesn’t love the backside of a waterfall? But getting off your feet for this journey through the jungle is great!

3) The Country Bear Jamboree: This 15 minute show is a great way to sit down and take a break. The show is fun but our favorite thing is that you get to sit. It is a great way to entertain the kids while taking a nice break from the heat. The theater is dark and last time we were there this was air conditioned. This gets you a nice cool off place with some entertainment!

2) The Carousel of Progress: Another wonderful sit down show to enjoy. This too is air conditioned. A classic ride for anyone to enjoy and this 20 minute long ride tells you all about the great big beautiful tomorrow! You will be singing this song by the end of the show. It is great way to relax and we have even seen some people catching a nap. Starting in the 1900s and ending in what they believed would be the 21st Century, this ride is a wonderful classic and a must see. The wait times for this are usually not very long and it is totally worth it!

1) Our number one and all time favorite, THE PEOPLE MOVER: This is a great little tour around Tomorrowland and goes through some of the history behind some of Walt’s dreams. It takes you through space mountain, into Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and above one of the gift shops. This is a great ride and it is even better for people watching! Wave to other cars that you pass by because they might just wave back! We also have found this to be nice when it is drizzling and still hot out, the breeze is just right and you will get slightly wet but it is the perfect amount of cooling.


That is it! Our Top 5 relaxing rides at the Magic Kingdom!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

(Featured Image credit to Disneys Memory Maker Package)

Top 10 Walt Disney World Rides

After lots of talking and debating we have come up with our Top 10 Rides at Walt Disney World.

10) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom. Now don’t get us wrong, we loved the cool movie you got ¬†with the ride if you have the Memory Maker and we loved the picture we got. The ride itself was great and we loved the coaster as a whole. The reason it only ranked a 10 on our list is the fact that it has a ridiculously long wait time. It is a lot of fun and if you are huge into coasters then the long wait time may not seem so bad for you. We went in 2014 and it had a long line then and last time I checked the My Disney Experience App it still had a 160 minute wait at times and it is 2017.

9) Rock N Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. Again another awesome coaster, we love that we can take advantage of the single rider line here. We do occasionally like to ride together and again this coaster tends to have a huge wait time. Overall the experience is great and if you want to get on multiple times we highly recommend taking full advantage of the single rider line.


8) Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom. Alright we have to admit this one was all Chris, this is one of his absolute favorite rides for one reason: It’s unBEARably punny. Now it is fun and most of the skippers really go all out with this experience on getting everyone to laugh. We both enjoy this ride. It is also a great sit down and relax kind of ride. It gets you off your feet for a little while and it does get some good laughs out of it. We also like that for the winter holiday season it turns into the Jingle Cruise which is a lot of fun.

7) Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom. Peter Pan’s flight was a lot of fun we love the detail they put in this. Also this one tends to have a long wait time but honestly the interactive cue and detail put into the cue makes waiting not nearly as hard. We do recommend a Fastpass for this one if you don’t want to wait in the 90 minute line. The flying over London, finding the hidden gems and details like Ariel from the little mermaid. It is honestly worth the wait and worth the time for us at least to ride this.

6) Test Track at Epcot. We love Test Track and again another one with a chance to use the single rider line to get on multiple times quicker than waiting in the cue. We love that you get to design your own car and see how it holds up against others. This didn’t make it higher in our list because honestly even when you do fastpass this ride takes forever to get to the actual ride portion and the ride isn’t all that long. Honestly we like the new vamped up Test Track but we miss when it use to look like a workshop, now it is more of a showroom.


5) Toy Story Mania (Hollywood Studios) / Buzz Lightyears Space Rangers Spin (Magic Kingdom). The two shooting galleries, we paired these together because they are very similar and we love them. It is a fun competitive game to go against your family and it is also great to try and get the top rankings. If you get a perfect score at Buzz Lightyears (99,999) you are a galactic hero and they will give you a pin sometimes or a certificate!! Toy Story Mania is awesome for the 3D effects and you and your partner can team up to unlock the big points!


4) Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom. “It’s the Truth…It’s Actual…Everything is Satisfactual!” We love splash mountain because it is a blast! This is great on a warm day and also great way to end the night. No really we rode this at night and it was the best. We love during the evening parades getting “Stuck” over by big thunder mountain and splash mountain for the fact that they have such little lines during the parades! Always be prepared to get soaked! we recommend bringing ziplock bags for your phones that might be in your bags, it will help keep them dry.


3) Everest at Animal Kingdom. We love Everest and we ride it a lot while at Animal Kingdom. The cue for this one is pretty cool, lots of details went into this ride. We also love the thrill of getting to the top and it is the end of the line, and then you go backwards! The downfall we have found with this ride is that if you sit in the very back you miss the cool animation that happens after going backwards before it sends you off again. This ride also has available to it the single rider line, which we have utilized a number of times.


2) Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom. Space mountain is thrilling and exciting especially since you have no clue what is coming and can’t anticipate a drop because YOU CAN’T SEE! The dark element to this ride is what makes it so thrilling, and we love the cue has an interactive part that gives you something to do on long waits. We also like that there are two tracks so we haven’t seen the wait time exceed 70 minutes in a while. We also love to look down where the space men are hanging from the ceiling and wave to those who are riding people mover!

1) Our number one is…..TOWER OF TERROR at Hollywood studios!! Yes if you haven’t guessed it we like the dark thrilling rides. Tower of Terror is a classic and a must do at Hollywood studios. We love getting into the elevator and wait for the bellhop to say good-bye since lots of them really get into it and try to frighten you before the doors close. The ride through the twilight zone as you approach the drop shaft gets you into the twilight mood. Not to mention you never know how many times the ride will drop you. We like to play a game before we hit the shaft called up or down. Will it shoot you up first or will it drop you first. You also get a pretty cool movie with this ride as well if you have the memory maker. The randomization of this ride and all the thrills that come with it make it our number one!


So there you go our top 10 rides! What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!!!