Our experience: Disney Epcot During Food and Wine.

We loved Epcot, the first day we went. Our daughter had so much fun and we have so many great memories with Characters from that day:




We loved food and wine during the weekday, HOWEVER! When it came to our Sunday dinner we were attempting to go, and it was not worth it with a Toddler. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND FOOD AND WINE ON THE WEEKENDS WITH A TODDLER! We ended up saying forget it and left, it was so crowded. If it was just the two of us, no big deal. With the stroller however, and the crowds, it was 100% stressful. Now we know not all people are this way but most people were highly intoxicated and not paying any attention, Chris got a beer spilled on him. Now if you don’t want to go to world showcase, on the weekend during Food and Wine, the rides near the front were not long waits at all. If you want to do Food and Wine with a toddler though, go during the week. Crowds were smaller, and the stroller wasn’t an inconvenience.

That is our own personal opinion and experience and our recommendation. We had so much fun at Epcot on our first day there. Which was a Wednesday, lower crowds (Still crowded) but longest line we waited in was to meet Anna and Elsa. We fast passed Frozen, living with the land, and Spaceship Earth. We single Ridered Test Track and it worked out amazing. Our meet and Greet with Minnie and Pluto was a special meet and greet for Disney Chase Card holders. We had dinner at the Biergarten which was fantastic. The entertainment portion was a blast even though Alice slept through the whole thing.


That is all for today!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come