What we are most excited for

This is a different kind of post. When we started this blog we wanted to help people with vacation planning and with our Disney Trip quickly approaching we have focused and given a lot of information on that. The next few blogs are going to be our own opinions on some of the stuff we are going to be doing while at Disney and what we are looking forward to at each park. We are going to be experiencing this all with Alice for the first time and we are so excited to see her reaction to things. This post is about what we are most excited for overall while we are at Disney.

  1. Meeting Mickey and Minnie: Alice has a love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We are so excited to be meeting Mickey and Minnie! Although we have no clue how she is going to react to the big characters we are excited to see her reaction good or bad.
    (Picture credit to Disney Photopass)
  2. Meeting the Princesses: We were able to snag reservations at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall on our first day, so meeting up to 5 princesses is going to be amazing. Alice loves all the Princesses, and will sit and watch them for hours. We have Fastpasses at Magic Kingdom as well to meet the princesses and this is a reaction we can’t wait to film and get tons of pictures of.  (Hint for the Not So scary Halloween family costume theme is below)
  3. Unplugging for the weekend: Other than on Instagram, we will be unplugged for the weekend. We have never done this before and we are looking forward to it. No texting, no Facebook, no emails, and sorry everyone no blog. We may do a small update if we get a chance but we have decided to leave the laptop at home. We are going to be spending this time as a family, if you want to see updates please add us on Instagram: Wethebaughers3. Why are we updating Instagram and nothing else? Job purposes, and we will leave it at that.
  4. Her first rides: Other than at Hershey and on the Merry Go Round Alice has never been on a real ride before. She loved the Hershey Chocolate tour so we are thinking she will love the rides. These are moments even though she is only one, we are excited to see her reaction to now, and then again next year when we go with family.
  5. Trying all sorts of new foods: This goes for all three, we have plans to try lots of new restaurants and food kiosks while we are there. We are going to be at Disney for the Food and Wine festival but after much research we have found some amazing foods, we still haven’t tried and are on a must try list. We will post a blog later of our Top 10 must try foods another day.10849871_406825156138846_2761363229180746251_n
    (French Onion Soup at Chefs De France)
  6. Spending time as a family: With both of our jobs, and the way the schedules work out, weekends are generally the only time we have as a family. With that though comes lots of housework, and your basic to do list. We are looking forward to having sometime together away from all that and also reconnecting as a family. We feel at times we have lost touch and this is going to be a great chance to reconnect.

That is all for today! We are super excited we are 6 days away! Stay tuned for more to come before we leave!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

Top 5 Rainy Day Activities

Let’s take a break from Disney, since that is not the only thing we started this blog for. We have have had a lot of rainy days her in Maryland lately and we figured why not post our Top 5 Rainy Day Activities?

#1 Movie Day: Now we know there are lots of feelings about letting your kids watch a lot of Television. We find that rainy days are an exception to limiting screen time. It is gloomy outside no one wants to do anything but sit around. Movies are a great way to get some extra snuggles in with your younger kids too. Now when we say movie day we mean an at home movie day. If you are brave enough to take your kids out, you are better than we are. We find that when it rains everyone had the same idea and heads to the movie theater or indoor playgrounds. We love doing at home movie days. We choose our favorite movies, make some of our favorite snacks, and cuddle up for a great day.

#2 Arts and Crafts: We love looking into doing arts and crafts on a rainy day. This can be as simple as breaking out the coloring book and crayons. We have also made telescopes out of paper towel rolls, painted using fruit, and made bird feeders out of old milk cartons. Now we didn’t do these crafts with just Alice, we also did them with friends’ kids who absolutely loved them. With toddlers a great way to let them explore without the mess is putting pain in a Zip-top bag and taping it to the table. They can squish it around without creating a huge mess. Just make sure your bag is closed.

#3 Dance Party: Rainy days leads to lots of built up energy even in a toddler. We love putting on music and letting Alice dance to the music. Pandora’s Raffi for kids is our favorite channel to listen too. A great way to get energy out for toddlers and honestly it can be be a great workout for the parents too.

#4 Playing in the Rain: Alice loves the rain and loves to play in it even more. As long as it isn’t thundering and lighting out we love playing in the rain. Throw those bathing suits on and go out and have a splash! Find your inner child and jump in a few puddles with the kids!

#5 Indoor Camping: Out family loves to camp in general so this one is a lot of fun for us. We use chairs to create a tent, we make camp food for dinner, and for dessert S’mores! You can put on some nature sounds, grab some flashlights and pretend you are in the great outdoors. This is a great one especially if the power goes out, taking what is scary for some kids and turning it into something fun and exciting will make for a great time. A great way to create a pretend fire is with some paper towel rolls and some red, orange, and yellow construction paper. cut paper to look like fire and glue to the paper towel rolls and just like that you have a fire safe for kids!

Those are our Top 5 Rainy Day Activities, we hope you enjoyed them and we look forward to sharing more ideas with you. If you have anything you are interested in us posting make sure to comment down below or shoot us an email!

Until next time have a great day and remember: The best is yet to come!

10 Facts About The Baughers

Hello!!! We are The Baughers Three; Chris, Sammie, and Alice! As a family we love to travel, explore, and make everyday a new adventure. We know there are a lot of other families out there that love to do the same things and we decided we wanted to share our experiences, tips, and tricks, with others. Thus, We The Baughers Three was born!

As a start to this Family blog we are going to do 10 Facts about us!

  1. How long have we been together? We have been together as a couple for 8 years and married for 3 years.
  2. How old is our daughter? Alice is one year old; born in July of 2016
  3. Where are we from? Both of us are from upstate NY, but we currently reside in Maryland.
  4. What are your favorite movies?
    Chris: Man From Earth/ Aladdin
    Sammie: Ratatouille
    Alice: Moana
  5.  Do you have any Pets? Yes; we have two dogs, a Black Lab and a Corgi.
  6. What is your favorite vacation spot?
    Chris: A beach by some ocean
    Sammie: Walt Disney World
    Alice: Grammie’s House
  7. What are your hobbies?
    Chris: Video Gaming/ Wood Working
    Sammie: Photography/ Writing
    Alice: Chasing the Dogs
  8. What are your favorite colors?
    Chris: Forest Green
    Sammie: Purple
    Alice: Blue (We determined this because she is more drawn to blue objects at the moment.)
  9. What are your favorite food/beverages?
    Chris: Garbage plate or Philly Cheesesteak and Mountain Dew
    Sammie: Buffalo Wing Dip and Black Cherry Soda
    Alice: Mac and Cheese with Chocolate Almond Milk
  10. What is your favorite amusement park ride?
    Chris: Ride of Steel at Darien Lake
    Sammie: Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    Alice: To Be Determined

That is all for today, stay tuned for the next post where we will be making an exciting announcement! Until then remember the best is yet to come!