Our Goal

Our first goal with doing this blog is to help others who want to travel with kids and are looking for ideas, tips, and tricks to making a trip successful. After every trip we will do a “what didn’t work” post to help weed out things we thought might work that really didn’t.¬†Our second goal with this blog is to keep track of adventures we have had and give suggestions to great places to go with kids. We live in Maryland and we’re close to DC so we have had lots of adventures to DC.

Something big to remember is that just because something works for us, doesn’t mean it will always work for someone else. We hope that our tips and tricks help others but always remember that every kid is different. We are always looking for tips and tricks as well so if you have suggestions please feel free to share!

If we post about a tip or trick, and you have more questions or would like us to go more indepth in a separate post, please feel free to ask! We’re happy to go indepth on experiences we’ve had or on tips we’ve suggested!

We hope you enjoy this blog and we look forward to helping others!!!

Always remember: the best is yet to come!