Getting ready for Disney

We are approaching 2 weeks before our trip, we can’t believe it is so soon.

Maryland has been nothing but rain and we are hoping for some sun while in Florida.

As we prepare for our trip we have decided to list a mini series of what we do to prepare for flights and for our trip to Disney. This will be Alice’s fourth trip to Disney and we would love to share some things that work for us.

Stay tuned for those coming in the next few days. Until then remember the best is yet to come!

Centennial Park, Ellicot City Maryland.

This past weekend we had the chance to explore Centennial Park in Ellicot City, Maryland. We were blown away by this amazing playground!

First off there is so much to do, they have boat rentals, a boat launch, fishing areas, tons of pavilions to rent, lots of trails for bikes and walking. This park is huge, and then we hit the holy grail of all playgrounds (so far).

This playground is huge and has something for all kids! Tons of slides, tunnels, monkey bars, a rock wall, the only thing missing was swings. But over all this park was fantastic. There are also bathrooms right at the bottom of the hill. Here are some photos we took of the playground. 20180429_09463720180429_09241320180429_09171420180429_09170720180429_09173320180429_09244320180429_09172120180429_090758

We have already been back this week and the kids absolutely love it! We highly recommended this park!

Until next time remember the best is yet to come!