Packing for Adventures

It is still raining here I Maryland, so we thought we would share what is in our adventure bag.

With any trip with a non potty trained toddler the main thing we make sure is to have extra diapers! Most times we make sure we have 8 min, because you can never account for the unexpected blow out. So we always make sure we have lots of diapers and wipes!

Next is extra outfits for the princess. We pack 2 shirts and 3 pants/shorts. Kids are messy. We have also started packing an extra shirt for us. Sam has been on two adventures where Alice unfortunately got sick all over her and hand no shirt to change into. So we now back shirts.

Snacks are up next, I like to pack snacks with some protein in them so like nature valley bars, trail mix, and if we have a lunch box cheese and meat. Easy and quick things that aren’t too messy. We also like to pack Alice Puffs, which is one of her favorite snacks.

The most important thing we pack is water! We each have a water bottle for our adventures. Plus we keep a hug of water in the car as a back up.

Another thinf we have found to be helpful to have especially with a toddler is a wash cloth! This is great for cooling down on hot days and even for cleaning up.

Finally we have a basic first aid. It has bandaids, neosporin, ace bandaid,  kids Mortin, kids benydral, tweezers, and emergency ice pack.

That is everything we have in our bag! What about you what is in your bag?

Let us know and remember until next time: the best is yet to come!

Upcoming adventure

We have been quiet again lately and that is because it has done nothing but rain here in Maryland but we have an exciting adventure coming up!

June 21st until June 25th we will be camping in Florida!!! We are nuts because we will be camping in June, in a tent, in Florida. But we are excited for this adventure and excited to share our experience.

ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.  We have an airy tent and a box fan, we are looking to freeze water bottles to help Alice stay cool through the night.

What are some of your favorite camp recipies? Let us know!!!

Until next time remember the best is yet to come.

Rain Rain Go away

Hello friends! We haven’t been up to much lately and have had no adventures. There has been too much rain, and a lot of work. We have decided tommorow to release a post about our favorite Rain day activities, since sometimes adventures get out on hold and sometimes you can’t out. What better thing to do then pull out the Rain day activities.

So come back tomorrow for our Rain day activities. Until then remember: the best is yet to come.

Centennial Park, Ellicot City Maryland.

This past weekend we had the chance to explore Centennial Park in Ellicot City, Maryland. We were blown away by this amazing playground!

First off there is so much to do, they have boat rentals, a boat launch, fishing areas, tons of pavilions to rent, lots of trails for bikes and walking. This park is huge, and then we hit the holy grail of all playgrounds (so far).

This playground is huge and has something for all kids! Tons of slides, tunnels, monkey bars, a rock wall, the only thing missing was swings. But over all this park was fantastic. There are also bathrooms right at the bottom of the hill. Here are some photos we took of the playground. 20180429_09463720180429_09241320180429_09171420180429_09170720180429_09173320180429_09244320180429_09172120180429_090758

We have already been back this week and the kids absolutely love it! We highly recommended this park!

Until next time remember the best is yet to come!

Route 15 PA

We had a 6 hour car ride home last weekend from NY and it was a long trip. When we drive back to maryland from Rochester we take Route 15 through PA. Let me tell you there is so much to do on route 15!

Our big stop on Route 15 is Lewisburg, PA and that is because we always stop at Country Cupboard. Country Cupboard is the perfect place to take a rest, grab something to eat and just wander through the giant market/gift shop. We love letting Alice out here and letting her run around to stretch her legs. They have tons of sweet treats in their candy section and bakery. They also have a restaurant which has great food and a grab and go section.

20180422_121918.jpg We love grabbing breakfast or Lunch in their main eating area. They have entrees you can choose from or their buffet. We love the buffet because Alice eats free still.

If Country isn’t for you there are tons of road side diners, burger spots, ice cream, and fast food on route 15. Another attraction on route 15 is Clyde’s Reptileland. We have heard great things about this location, we have yet to stop with 2 dogs it is usually difficult to stop but it is on our bucket list.

This is also Mennonite country, there are several great road side farmers markets and spots to buy Burbank quilts! Such a great drive and beautiful area.

Stay tuned for our next blog about our Skyzone experience!

Until then remember the best is yet to come!

Rochester or Bust

Our shoes have taken us to Rochester, Ny this weekend.

Sunday afternoon we flew out to spend a week with family in Rochester. Alice is a flying pro now and loves flying. This is her 11th flight since she was 6 months old.

We get asked often how do you do it? Any tips for flying? Yes! We have a few things we do that seem to help with flying!

First we get to the airport at least 2-3 hours early. Our airport by our house is small and they recommend at least and hour and a half before your departure time. With a lap child you have to get their boarding pass day of. So we get their early enough to check our bags an diet her boarding pass. That next leads to security.

We went and got TSA pre checked. Since Alice is a child under 12 she does not require TSA pre check just us and she is allowed to go through with us. This has made the stress of security almost vanish. Which also leads to our next tip.

Pack light for the flight if possible. We are guilty of over packing. Now we fly usually with southwest, which means 2 free bags per ticketed flyer, this does not include Alice. So we have now begun just checking our bags so we have less to bring on the flight. We usually bring Christopher’s backpack which holds snacks and anything we may need on our flight and Alice’s diaper bag. For Alice’s bag we pack 2 extra changes of clothing, her water bottle, diapers, wipes, a coloring book, a picture book, the kindle fire, and her head phones. We have yet to travel cross country with her so we may pack more for when we fly cross country but for now our longest flight has been 2 hours. She usually colors for a little while and then watches a movie. For headphones we have the lilgagets headphones they are 17.95 on Amazon and come in multiple colors.

After we are through security and find our terminal is when we usually let Alice out and run around, this gets her energy out and she also loves to look at the planes leaving the gate. We also like to get her a treat, weather it be a special meal, or cinnasticks from cinnabon. This makes sure she has a full tummy before we board and helps us not be pulling bags out before take off to get her food.

About 10 minutes before boarding we change her diaper! Alice has peed through her diaper on 2 flights. And getting up to change her mind flight is a pain.

Since southwest is open seating, if we don’t board with A group we board at family boarding. We usually try to sit towards the back of the plane, that way we are the last to get a third person sitting with us. Also this means we are last off the flight which works for us because Alice likes to walk off the flight by herself.

We also try to book flights either first thing in the morning, at nap time or right before bed time. This way she either is in a great mood from being just waking up or falls asleep on the flight and sleeps the majority of the flight.

Have any specific flying questions? Feel free to ask!

Until next time remember: the best is yet to come.

These Shoes Were Made For Adventure.

Welcome to our new blog series!

As an attempt to adventure and explore more we will be taking at least 2 adventures a week. If not more, to a new park, a new campground, a new location. It is our hope and dream to get to all 50 states and have as many adventures as we can.

We are super excited to start this new blog, our website link will stay the same but our name has changed to These Shoes Were Made For Adventure. Come along for our family Adventures!