Our favorite Rainy day activity

So when we are unable to get out because of the rain, we have a couple of  rainy day activity that we love to do. So here is our favorite rainy day activities.

1) Disney Movie marathon: we do love a good Disney movie and rainy days tend to be great movie days, so we tend to do a marathon.

2) Dance Party: our little princess has just started really getting into dancing to music. Our favorite pandora channel is Radio for Kids Radio, it has everything from hip hop to your favorite movie soundtracks. This is the perfect channel for dancing to!

3) We cook, this is our last big rainy day activity we do. We love to cook in our family and what better way to spend a rainy day than making delicious food! This weekend we made: chicken noodle soup, Broccoli cheddar muffins, and Banana Bread!


If we are itching to tear out of the house we try to see what is playing at the local theater and go see an actual movie.

What is your families favorite rainy day activity? Let us know!

Until next time remember the best is yet to come.

We are the Baughers


We are the Baughers!

Samantha, Chris and Toddler Alice. We are a family of three on a mission. A mission to find adventure and new beginnings. 2018 brings new things and changes that we weren’t expecting.

Currently we are fixing up our home in preparation to be sold. Where we are moving, we aren’t 100% sure yet. We have a few places in mind, but in reality all we need is one thing. That is each other, since our daughter was born we struggled as a family, and things well, started to fall a part.

2018 brought new job opportunities for Chris and a chance for us to “start fresh” so to say. We are taking full advantage of that and going to see where it takes us.

Currently we are decluttering our home and making daily life style changes in hopes for a better life.

Come follow us on this crazy journey called life and remember the best is yet to come.