Packing for Adventures

It is still raining here I Maryland, so we thought we would share what is in our adventure bag.

With any trip with a non potty trained toddler the main thing we make sure is to have extra diapers! Most times we make sure we have 8 min, because you can never account for the unexpected blow out. So we always make sure we have lots of diapers and wipes!

Next is extra outfits for the princess. We pack 2 shirts and 3 pants/shorts. Kids are messy. We have also started packing an extra shirt for us. Sam has been on two adventures where Alice unfortunately got sick all over her and hand no shirt to change into. So we now back shirts.

Snacks are up next, I like to pack snacks with some protein in them so like nature valley bars, trail mix, and if we have a lunch box cheese and meat. Easy and quick things that aren’t too messy. We also like to pack Alice Puffs, which is one of her favorite snacks.

The most important thing we pack is water! We each have a water bottle for our adventures. Plus we keep a hug of water in the car as a back up.

Another thinf we have found to be helpful to have especially with a toddler is a wash cloth! This is great for cooling down on hot days and even for cleaning up.

Finally we have a basic first aid. It has bandaids, neosporin, ace bandaid,  kids Mortin, kids benydral, tweezers, and emergency ice pack.

That is everything we have in our bag! What about you what is in your bag?

Let us know and remember until next time: the best is yet to come!