Our experience: Disney Epcot During Food and Wine.

We loved Epcot, the first day we went. Our daughter had so much fun and we have so many great memories with Characters from that day:




We loved food and wine during the weekday, HOWEVER! When it came to our Sunday dinner we were attempting to go, and it was not worth it with a Toddler. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND FOOD AND WINE ON THE WEEKENDS WITH A TODDLER! We ended up saying forget it and left, it was so crowded. If it was just the two of us, no big deal. With the stroller however, and the crowds, it was 100% stressful. Now we know not all people are this way but most people were highly intoxicated and not paying any attention, Chris got a beer spilled on him. Now if you don’t want to go to world showcase, on the weekend during Food and Wine, the rides near the front were not long waits at all. If you want to do Food and Wine with a toddler though, go during the week. Crowds were smaller, and the stroller wasn’t an inconvenience.

That is our own personal opinion and experience and our recommendation. We had so much fun at Epcot on our first day there. Which was a Wednesday, lower crowds (Still crowded) but longest line we waited in was to meet Anna and Elsa. We fast passed Frozen, living with the land, and Spaceship Earth. We single Ridered Test Track and it worked out amazing. Our meet and Greet with Minnie and Pluto was a special meet and greet for Disney Chase Card holders. We had dinner at the Biergarten which was fantastic. The entertainment portion was a blast even though Alice slept through the whole thing.


That is all for today!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come

We’re Back!!!

We’re back and ready to start writing again! Our vacation was amazing and we learned so much while there. When we arrived home things were less than calm and we were thrown back into reality really fast. That all aside we’re back, over the next few days we will be posting about our experiences at each of the parks. What worked, what didn’t, and overall how Alice handled it. Following that we will be starting a few new posts that will include: Cooking with the Baughers, DIY Halloween Activities, and Thanksgiving Crafts. We will also be doing a Halloween special post, this will be Alice’s first real trick or treating and we are super excited for it!

Until then though here are some pictures from our Trip!







We had so much fun and there are a lot more photos. We can’t wait to share them with you all!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

What We’re most excited for: Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

We are 12 hours from our flight taking off. We are beyond ready for this vacation, we decided to clump the last two locations together because we don’t have huge lists for either and figured it would be easier in one post. So here it is What we are most excited for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Animal Kingdom:

  1. The Safari: Alice loves Animals and so we feel that the safari is going to be amazing. We always have loved the Safari ride and taking her to experience it for the first time is going to be priceless.
  2. The Festival of the Lion King: We are so excited to see this. The first time we went it was under renovations and last year when we went we decided not to stand in the long wait line. This year we fast passed it, so it will be an exciting first for all of us.
  3. Affection Station: Chris can’t wait to pet goats with Alice at Rafiki’s planet watch. He and Alice have a love for goats so this is going to be a wonderful experience for her. She has never pet a goat before.

Hollywood Studios:

  1. Disney Junior Live: Alice is really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc, and Sofia. This is a great show for her to see them all at one time! We have never done the show before and have heard mixed reviews so we are looking forward to giving our own review afterwards!
  2. All the shows in general: Alice loves plays, shows, music, and dancing. Hollywood studios is the place for that! We can’t wait to see her reaction to all of the shows!
  3. Magician Mickey and Minnie: We are also excited for Magician Mickey. We had no clue he was at hollywood studios, somehow we missed him. So we are excited to go see him and Minnie in her red carpet best!



What we are most excited for: Epcot

Here we go again! Here is what we are looking most forward to while at Epcot. If you haven’t already done so check out: our most excited for, Magic Kingdom and the original  What we are most excited for post!

  1. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall: We did this on our Honeymoon, had a great experience, and did it again during our gender reveal and had an iffy dinner experience. We managed to get a lunch reservation this time, which for us meeting the princesses with Alice was 100% worth it. (Can you guess who Alice is going to be dressed up as when we go?)
  2. Food and Wine Festival: We will be there during the Food and Wine Festival which we have never done before and are extremely excited to be trying a bunch of new foods while we are there.
  3. Taking Alice on Spaceship Earth: Another one of those rides we are beyond excited to take Alice on. This is a ride a close friend of ours worked at while doing the College Program and it means a lot to take her on.
  4. Exposing Alice to different cultures: We are big on giving Alice the opportunity to experience other cultures. Epcot is a great way to do that, yes she is only one but this is going to be a chance for her to experience new foods, and entertainment from each of the locations.
  5. Biergarten Restaurant: We haven’t eaten her before and we have always wanted to, with live entertainment, and community tables, we are really looking forward to experiencing this restaurant.
    (Image from tripadvisor)
  6. Meeting Joy and Sadness: Alice has a love for Inside Out, so having the opportunity to meet Joy and Sadness has us really excited. As long as Jangles the clown isn’t there…Alice is terrified of Jangles. I mean who wouldn’t be? He is a little creepy..
    (Image used from ravishly.com)

That is all for today! Only three more days!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

What we are most excited for: Magic Kingdom

For this post we are focusing on what we are most excited for at Magic Kingdom. This includes, rides, meet and greets, events, and dining. If you missed our What we are most excited for original Blog I will link it here: Here

  1. Taking Alice on Dumbo for the first time: We are so excited to take her on this classic ride. First, they have created an awesome cue for this ride. You get a buzzer, in long line situations, and they have a playground inside for the kids to play at. When your buzzer goes off, it is your turn to go to the outside cue. Second, Dumbo is a favorite of one of Alice’s Aunts. This is a huge moment that we will be recording just for the Aunt.
  2. Be Our Guest Restaurant: We have been to Be Our Guest everytime we have gone as a couple. We got the opportunity to take Alice and we jumped at the chance to share this experience with her. We are not sure how she will react to the Beast, but it will be memorable nonetheless.
  3. Her first Dole Whip: Dole Whip, the amazing wonderful pineapple ice cream treat. You can get just the ice cream or a float. We had Dole whip last year for the first time when Sammie was pregnant. It was amazing and we are excited to give Alice her first ever taste.
  4. Meeting the Princesses: We got Fastpasses for Cinderella, Elena (who she loves), Rapunzel, and Tiana. She enjoys and loves watching their movies and shows. Elena is one of her all time favorites though. So we are super excited to have gotten Fastpasses to meet them. We also personally love these meet and greets, they are so interactive and the moment is really special.
  5. Meeting Tinkerbell: This is going to be a special moment for Sammie. Tinkerbell is Sammie’s all time favorite, and having Alice meet Tinkerbell for the first time is going to be a magical moment.
  6. Trying Casey’s Corner: We have said time and time again we are going to try Casey’s Corner on Main Street. We still haven’t this time we made sure to make time to try. That Mac and Cheese Hot Dog sounds AMAZING!
  7. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: This will be a first for us all! This will also be Alice’s First trick or treating ever! A magical moment for all, we are going to be: THE LITTLE MERMAID! Chris: Eric, Sammie: Ariel, Alice: Flounder. We are super excited to experience this event!
  8. Peter Pan’s Flight: The last fastpass we got was Peter Pan’s Flight, another amazing ride that we are excited to see how she likes it. Flying over Neverland in your own pirate ship, amazing!


Of course there is a lot we are excited for but these are the things we are MOST excited for.

Until next time: The best is yet to come!

Top 10 Must Try Foods at Walt Disney World

Although we have experienced Disney a number of times, there are still places and foods we have yet to try. We have composed a Top 10 must try foods while we are at Disney.

10) Waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kingdom.

9) Apple Strudel from Sommerfest, Germany Pavillion at Epcot

8) Cinnamon Rolls from Gaston’s Tavern at Magic Kingdom.

7) Caramel Popcorn from Karamell-Kuche, Germany Pavillion at Epcot

6) A Treat from Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom

5) Croque Glacé, L’Artisan des Glaces, French Pavillion at Epcot

4) Fried Rice, Yak and Yeti quick service, at Animal Kingdom

3) School Bread, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Norway Pavillion, at Epcot

2) Ramen, Katsura Grill, Japan Pavilion, at Epcot

1) Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, at all parks.

No we have not tried a Premium Ice Cream Bar yet, well at least Sammie hasn’t and neither has Alice, so it is a must do on this trip. Following our trip look for our Top 5 of our Favorite 1st time snacks!

That is all for today!

Until next time Remember: The best is yet to come!

What we are most excited for

This is a different kind of post. When we started this blog we wanted to help people with vacation planning and with our Disney Trip quickly approaching we have focused and given a lot of information on that. The next few blogs are going to be our own opinions on some of the stuff we are going to be doing while at Disney and what we are looking forward to at each park. We are going to be experiencing this all with Alice for the first time and we are so excited to see her reaction to things. This post is about what we are most excited for overall while we are at Disney.

  1. Meeting Mickey and Minnie: Alice has a love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We are so excited to be meeting Mickey and Minnie! Although we have no clue how she is going to react to the big characters we are excited to see her reaction good or bad.
    (Picture credit to Disney Photopass)
  2. Meeting the Princesses: We were able to snag reservations at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall on our first day, so meeting up to 5 princesses is going to be amazing. Alice loves all the Princesses, and will sit and watch them for hours. We have Fastpasses at Magic Kingdom as well to meet the princesses and this is a reaction we can’t wait to film and get tons of pictures of.  (Hint for the Not So scary Halloween family costume theme is below)
  3. Unplugging for the weekend: Other than on Instagram, we will be unplugged for the weekend. We have never done this before and we are looking forward to it. No texting, no Facebook, no emails, and sorry everyone no blog. We may do a small update if we get a chance but we have decided to leave the laptop at home. We are going to be spending this time as a family, if you want to see updates please add us on Instagram: Wethebaughers3. Why are we updating Instagram and nothing else? Job purposes, and we will leave it at that.
  4. Her first rides: Other than at Hershey and on the Merry Go Round Alice has never been on a real ride before. She loved the Hershey Chocolate tour so we are thinking she will love the rides. These are moments even though she is only one, we are excited to see her reaction to now, and then again next year when we go with family.
  5. Trying all sorts of new foods: This goes for all three, we have plans to try lots of new restaurants and food kiosks while we are there. We are going to be at Disney for the Food and Wine festival but after much research we have found some amazing foods, we still haven’t tried and are on a must try list. We will post a blog later of our Top 10 must try foods another day.10849871_406825156138846_2761363229180746251_n
    (French Onion Soup at Chefs De France)
  6. Spending time as a family: With both of our jobs, and the way the schedules work out, weekends are generally the only time we have as a family. With that though comes lots of housework, and your basic to do list. We are looking forward to having sometime together away from all that and also reconnecting as a family. We feel at times we have lost touch and this is going to be a great chance to reconnect.

That is all for today! We are super excited we are 6 days away! Stay tuned for more to come before we leave!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

DIY MouseKeeping Tip Envelopes

Yes while stay at Disney we do recommend tipping the Mousekeeping (Housekeeping but it is Disney) We do between $1-$2 per person in your room, because Mousekeeping works hard to clean your rooms, and sometimes they do extra little things that make your stay even more magical. We also recommend doing smaller bills $1 and $5. When we go we always have a nice welcome note from Mousekeeping and there are usually two names, which means they split the tips in the room. Smaller bills makes it easier for them to split. Now you can’t just leave the tip sitting there, mousekeeping isn’t allowed to take money just sitting with no note. So we have found a cute way to leave tips for Mousekeeping! We also made them for the restaurants but that is because Sammie (Mom) got really into it.


Colored paper: We used colored cardstock to make them a little more sturdy.

A Marker: We used white for our black paper.

Mickey Template: Below

A pencil: For tracing



So to start we Printed the Mickey outline below off Google, we printed it as an 8X10 not fitted to the page.


After this we traced the outline onto our black paper, and cut that out.

Next came Mickey’s pants: We took red paper and used the same template and created the bottom shape. Below we created a good template of where to stop tracing for the pants. Then you cut straight across. You could also create a second template for the pants and just cut along the red line to get your pant template. 544f9673c2dad09a6080d3981ed8e0c9

Once your pants are cut out, it is time for gluing. You want to glue the sides of his pants, and the bottom of his pants. DO NOT GLUE THE STRAIGHT LINE. If you glue the straight line down you will not have a pouch to put the money in.

After it has dried it is time to decorate. We just cut out some ovals for buttons and decorated with a black marker. Then we wrote a cute little saying on the ears so Mousekeeping knew it was for them.


20170930_202955 (1)

A cute little envelope to put Tips in. Like we said Sammie got really into making these:


We made them for each restaurant and each day Mousekeeping would come:


We had a lot of fun making these

Honorable mention to Sammie’s creativity when it come down to this awesome tip holder:20171003_084438.jpg

Made for Chefs De France but a reservation we wanted more opened up so we canned Chefs De France.

We hope this DIY gives you some awesome ideas!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

DIY Autograph Book

While we love the beautiful autograph books from Disney, we wanted to create an autograph book that we could take apart and add to her scrapbook that we’re creating; thus we created this autograph book out of a few simple things.


Single hole punch- we found ours for $3.00 at Walmart

4×6 index cards- You can get white or colored, we went with white because it was cheaper.

Ring- You can find these at Staples or Office Max

Decorations- We found stickers, cardboard images, etc… all at the local craft store


All we did was punch holes in the top corner of the index cards, we were able to punch about 10 at a time.

Then we decorated each one with a picture of a princess, the name of a character, a pretty design, just to add a little more to the page. This is also a great way to organize by character so each character has their own page. We did simple decorations because they do need room to sign still. We found the names of Mickey and his pals and added them to the bottom corner and we did the same with the princess stickers.


We then just threaded them onto the ring and closed it up and there you go! You have your very own autograph book! This is more for us to have for her scrapbook, but we did enjoy creating it ourselves and it was cheaper than purchasing one at Disney.


We hope you liked this quick little DIY! 9 Days until our big trip!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!