We are the Baughers


We are the Baughers!

Samantha, Chris and Toddler Alice. We are a family of three on a mission. A mission to find adventure and new beginnings. We have tried to start this blog many times. First leaning more towards Disney, then an attempt to document our day to day adventures. There has been a lot of thought put into where to take this blog from here. We think we have finally found where it is going to head.

We are the Baughers: Adventure seekers, Disney fanatics, outdoor enthusiasts, educators, a family of three looking for life’s greatest opportunities. As we have struggled over the last year to define who we are, we have found each of us brings something special to our blog.

The next few posts will be getting to know each of us individually and then from here we hope to take you on our journey through life. Everyday up and downs, our adventures we take with our daughter,  how we are making the most of our lives, our adventure tips and tricks, and just everyday stuff. This blog may be a little all over the place at times. That is okay with us, cause sometimes life is a little all over the place.

We are the Baughers and the best is yet to come!

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