What We’re most excited for: Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

We are 12 hours from our flight taking off. We are beyond ready for this vacation, we decided to clump the last two locations together because we don’t have huge lists for either and figured it would be easier in one post. So here it is What we are most excited for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Animal Kingdom:

  1. The Safari: Alice loves Animals and so we feel that the safari is going to be amazing. We always have loved the Safari ride and taking her to experience it for the first time is going to be priceless.
  2. The Festival of the Lion King: We are so excited to see this. The first time we went it was under renovations and last year when we went we decided not to stand in the long wait line. This year we fast passed it, so it will be an exciting first for all of us.
  3. Affection Station: Chris can’t wait to pet goats with Alice at Rafiki’s planet watch. He and Alice have a love for goats so this is going to be a wonderful experience for her. She has never pet a goat before.

Hollywood Studios:

  1. Disney Junior Live: Alice is really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc, and Sofia. This is a great show for her to see them all at one time! We have never done the show before and have heard mixed reviews so we are looking forward to giving our own review afterwards!
  2. All the shows in general: Alice loves plays, shows, music, and dancing. Hollywood studios is the place for that! We can’t wait to see her reaction to all of the shows!
  3. Magician Mickey and Minnie: We are also excited for Magician Mickey. We had no clue he was at hollywood studios, somehow we missed him. So we are excited to go see him and Minnie in her red carpet best!



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