DIY MouseKeeping Tip Envelopes

Yes while stay at Disney we do recommend tipping the Mousekeeping (Housekeeping but it is Disney) We do between $1-$2 per person in your room, because Mousekeeping works hard to clean your rooms, and sometimes they do extra little things that make your stay even more magical. We also recommend doing smaller bills $1 and $5. When we go we always have a nice welcome note from Mousekeeping and there are usually two names, which means they split the tips in the room. Smaller bills makes it easier for them to split. Now you can’t just leave the tip sitting there, mousekeeping isn’t allowed to take money just sitting with no note. So we have found a cute way to leave tips for Mousekeeping! We also made them for the restaurants but that is because Sammie (Mom) got really into it.


Colored paper: We used colored cardstock to make them a little more sturdy.

A Marker: We used white for our black paper.

Mickey Template: Below

A pencil: For tracing



So to start we Printed the Mickey outline below off Google, we printed it as an 8X10 not fitted to the page.


After this we traced the outline onto our black paper, and cut that out.

Next came Mickey’s pants: We took red paper and used the same template and created the bottom shape. Below we created a good template of where to stop tracing for the pants. Then you cut straight across. You could also create a second template for the pants and just cut along the red line to get your pant template. 544f9673c2dad09a6080d3981ed8e0c9

Once your pants are cut out, it is time for gluing. You want to glue the sides of his pants, and the bottom of his pants. DO NOT GLUE THE STRAIGHT LINE. If you glue the straight line down you will not have a pouch to put the money in.

After it has dried it is time to decorate. We just cut out some ovals for buttons and decorated with a black marker. Then we wrote a cute little saying on the ears so Mousekeeping knew it was for them.


20170930_202955 (1)

A cute little envelope to put Tips in. Like we said Sammie got really into making these:


We made them for each restaurant and each day Mousekeeping would come:


We had a lot of fun making these

Honorable mention to Sammie’s creativity when it come down to this awesome tip holder:20171003_084438.jpg

Made for Chefs De France but a reservation we wanted more opened up so we canned Chefs De France.

We hope this DIY gives you some awesome ideas!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

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