Top 5 Relaxing Rides/Shows at Hollywood Studios

Here it is the last of the 4 parks of Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios. This list took a little longer than the others because there are not as many rides here as there are shows. Here it is, our Top 5 Relaxing rides/shows of Hollywood studios.

5) Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular: this is a fun entertaining show at Hollywood Studios, it does get some people involved from the audience, you don’t have to volunteer though and it does get you off your feet for a while. The downfall here is that it does get you off your feet but on a hot day you are still outside. At the end though the show is fun and you do get to sit down so it does make our Top 5.

4) Voyage of the Little Mermaid: We loved this show and it was really cute. It is air conditioned and the seats are like theater seats. We enjoyed watching the “movie” as a live action here but it isn’t as long as some of the other shows that are offered at Hollywood Studios. It does get you off your feet for a little while and gives you a nice cool place to relax.

3) Toy Story Mania: This is about the only real relaxing ride on our list. It may not seem so relaxing to some because you do have to shoot stuff in the gallery, but you do get to sit down for a little while and the cue is air conditioned. The reason it made our Top 5 as a relaxing ride is more for if you are a parent of kids who have to sit on your lap. You get to sit back and let them control the ride while you relax in the seat! Downfall to this ride is it always has a long cue.

2)For the First Time in Forever, A Frozen Sing Along: This is a 30 minute show about the Frozen movie. It replaced Aladdin, which was also amazing, and so the seats here are wonderful. It is again air conditioned and gives you a nice break from the heat outside. It is Frozen and the Queen can make it snow, so we wouldn’t expect anything less than a cool place to chill, and let it go.

1) Our number one is….BEAUTY AND THE BEAST LIVE ON STAGE! This show is 25 minutes long and is amazing. You have the chance to sit back and relax and watch an amazing performance and listen to some of your favorite classic songs from the movie. We love this show and can’t wait to take Alice on our upcoming trip.

That is our Top 5 Relaxing Rides/ Shows at Hollywood studios!

Honorable Mention to: Disney Junior LIVE! This is fun especially if you have kids, it didn’t make the Top 5 for one reason…NO SEATS. You read that right, no seats, you sit on the floor for this one. The kids are up dancing for the most part so the open room without seats is understandable but it is a killer on the back.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!



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