10 Things you should buy BEFORE your trip to Disney.

When thinking about Disney and the already high costs you are paying for: room, food, tickets, etc… parents especially would love to save some money on things that may otherwise cost an arm and a leg at Disney. So here are the 10 things we think you should buy BEFORE your trip to Disney.

10) Sunscreen: This may seem obvious but we highly recommend buying sunscreen. Yes if you forget it Disney does sell it, but you are going to be paying higher prices for less. So buy the sunscreen before and buy extra just in case.

9) Ponchos: We always bring our own ponchos to Disney. Amazon even sells Disney ones, that you can buy and have shipped to your house before hand. It does rain at Disney and we have yet to go when it is rain free.

8) Gum: If you are a gum chewer, buy gum before Disney and bring it with you because…THEY DO NOT SELL IT. It is to help prevent people from sticking gum in undesirable places. So if you want it, you have to bring it.

7) Extra Snacks: We have the meal plan and get 4 snacks per day between the two of us. That may seem like a lot but not when you have a growing toddler. We bought snacks for her before hand that we will be bringing to the park to save on spending the extra. Also if you don’t have snack credits from a meal plan, the cost of snacks can add up So consider buying ahead of time.

6) A reusable water bottle: You can get a free cup of Ice water from any of the quick service locations that serve soda. That will only tide you over for so long though. A reusable and refillable water bottle is the perfect thing and you can always ask for a cup of ice to refill it and get water from a drinking fountain. Don’t get stuck paying for a bottle of water.

5) Disney Shirts: We have a store by us that is called BoxLunch and we love them. They have tons of Disney shirts and they always seem to be having a sale. We recommend if you want to wear something Disney to your trip buy it beforehand. Some shirts can cost upwards of $30 at Disney. This also goes for kids Disney shirts, Kohls, JCPenny, etc… all sell Disney shirts. Buy before and save your wallet the extra money.

4) Costumes: This is for little kids, if you’re over 12 you are not allowed to wear a costume at Disney, doesn’t mean you can’t DisneyBound (checkout Pinterest for those ideas) but the dress up is really for little kids, with the exception of Halloween. The Disney store sells costumes cheaper than the actual parks. Also check out Spirit Halloween Store, Walmart.com, Amazon, and Party City. They all have Disney costumes for kids cheaper than the parks.

3) Toys: Toys are a great souvenir but, you don’t want to  cave into buying toys 100 different times.  We went to the Disney Store during one of their big sales and picked up toys that you can get at the parks, for half the price and hid them in our closet and are bringing them with us as a surprise. This isn’t going to stop your kids from asking for everything but it can help with cutting down costs. We also recommend giving a budget for each kid.

2) Any baby necessities: Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, etc… This may seem obvious but you do not want to forget this stuff. The baby care center does sell these but for a lot more. So you want to make sure that you have enough of these to get through your trip. You can always get Amazon packages sent to your hotel a couple days before you arrive or pack enough to get you through the first day and have some shipped to you; this saves room in your luggage and helps you avoid paying extra for a small pack.

1) GIFT CARDS: Let us explain, buying gift cards beforehand can help you budget better. We really don’t like taking all our cards to Disney with us. This helps cut down on spending and helps give everyone a budget. You can buy gift cards in $25, $50, and $100. We have seen BJs carry the one you can load up to $500, or more, on them. Otherwise this is a great way to say to your kids once your card is empty your out. It gives your kids some responsibility and allows your wallet to stay more full. If you have a TargetRed Card you can get 15% off your purchase in Disney gift cards because they are considered entertainment not money.

All these things are great to buy before hand to save you a little extra money at the park.

Honorable mention to disposable placemats. We went to Walmart where they were $3.55 for 10 and they are Disney themed. They stick to the table and help the wonderful cast members at the restaurants you eat at have less of a mess to clean up. They also work for any quick service restaurant that has tables. Just something to consider.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

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