Top 5 Relaxing Rides at Epcot

We have already done our top 5 relaxing rides at Magic Kingdom so next up is Epcot.

5) Impressions De France: this is a great place to cool off. It has seats which is nice and even better it is Air Conditioned! Located at the back of the France Pavilion this movie about France comes in at number 5 for one reason: Sammie fell asleep. It is great information if you are awake and there is lots to learn. When we did this though Sammie was pregnant with Alice at the time and needed a break. She fell asleep for this entire movie, which is 18 minutes long. She can say that it is a perfect location for a quick snooze.

4) The Sea with Nemo and Friends: A short 5 minute ride but it does get you off your feet. This is a nice short ride that again is air conditioned. Although we have never seen this line exceed a 25 minute wait time, if there is a long wait the cue is air conditioned and there is lots to see. When you get off this ride you can explore the aquarium at the end which is a nice little break from everything else and again it is air conditioned. This ride may be short but it is fun.

3) Grand Fiesta Tour: located inside the Mexico Pavilion this is about a 8-10 minute ride and is a nice way to get off your feet. The Mexico Pavilion tends to be cooler because it is darker inside. This is a great little boat ride to find Donald, find hidden mickeys, and relax. This is another one that rarely if ever has a long wait time. The only time we saw a long line was a school group had gotten there before us and had like 50 people.

2) Spaceship Earth: You can’t miss this ride, located right at the opening inside the giant dome ball, Spaceship Earth is one of our all time favorites. This 15 minute ride is a great way to take a break and relax. You also get to answer some fun questions and get to watch a movie of yourselfs at the end in your future! Pretty cool, plus it tends to be cooler. Unless the ride stops at the fire and smoke part…then it tends to be a little hot and a little smokey. But ultimately this ride is great for relaxation.

1)Our number one is…LIVING WITH THE LAND! Our favorite Epcot ride, we ride it at least 10 times while there, we love living with the land. This 20 minute ride is a great way to relax and learn some really cool things about Disney’s greenhouse and how they grow foods, which you can enjoy at the Garden Grill, right above the ride. This is also a great one for anyone who looks for hidden mickeys, why? There are a ton! Some are trickier than others but they are 100% worth looking for at this location. 20 minute ride through the greenhouse, we were sold and it was surprisingly cool inside.

So there you have it our Top 5 Relaxing rides at Epcot. What about you? Do you have a favorite? leave it in the comments below!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

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