Making your stroller stand out

Here is a fun little project that we did to help make our stroller stand out for our upcoming Disney trip. This is a great idea for any amusement park or place that you may have to leave your stroller unattended. Although we have never had it happen to us, we have heard of peoples’ strollers that go missing at Disney and when it came down to it, strollers that looked very basic and have no identifiable changes were the ones that people had taken. So here are some great ways to make your stroller stand out.

  1. Fun colorful zip ties: We attached a bunch of zip ties to look like fun colored details onto our stroller. We cut down the long parts and Chris burned the ends so they were no longer sharp. This is a great way to make your stroller stand out and it also gives you a great identifier if your stroller does get taken for some reason.
  2. Fun decorations: We added a pink and purple flower to both sides of her stroller’s legs. It is cute, fun, and zip tied on there. The zip ties holding the flowers make it less likely someone is going to rip it off. We love this little detail too because it just makes the stroller a little less bland.
  3. Stroller License plate: You can make a sign, there are cute stroller licence plates on Etsy, or in our case Chris knows how to use photoshop. This is a great thing to use to help label your stroller as yours. We put ours in a clear binder sleeve, taped the opening (helps make it more waterproof) and we will be zip tieing it to the stroller. We have seen people laminate them as an option as well and it is a really great one. You want your sign to be as waterproof because it does rain at Disney. So clear binder sleeve or laminated are key to helping with that water proofing.

Now what do you do if your stroller for some reason gets taken?

  • Before you even go to the park take a picture of your stroller from each angel and have it in your phone.
  • Take a picture of the stroller parking location you are leaving it at so you remember which location you leave it. Cast members may move your stroller over to make room for more strollers so it might not be in the exact location you left it. Taking a picture of the overall stroller parking location helps you remember which location you left it at.
  • If it does appear to have been taken, remain calm, let a cast member know and show pictures of your stroller to help look for it. Sometimes strollers do get taken by mistake, we have a city lite and there are lots of  these type and colored strollers out there. So if someone has the same stroller they may have mistaken yours for theirs.
  • Don’t yell at the cast member, there are hundreds of strollers left there a day they do their best. Disney is great on helping you with these situations.
  • If you are really concerned about it being taken then consider investing in one of those little gps trackers you can hid on the stroller. Then let a cast member know about it and let them approach the person. Not all people are bad and sometimes mistakes happen so make sure not to yell and confront others. Don’t ruin the magic for other people.
  • Please also note that the use of bike locks to attach a stroller to a pole is a no; cast members can and will cut them off the pole to move them to the correct location if not at a stroller parking location and need to be able to move them to make room for more strollers.

That is all for today! We hope you enjoyed this fun little project to help make your stroller stand out. We will be posting a stroller parking locations post following our Disney trip!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

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