5 Reasons we think Memory Maker is worth it.

We love using the Memory Maker when we go and it isn’t for the ride photos. We love getting all the photos outside of the rides and with this upcoming trip being Alice’s first time, we wanted to make sure to get all the  photos! So here are 5 reasons we love The Memory Maker at Disney World.

  1. All the money you honestly save: The Memory Maker costs $169.00 if purchased in advance of your trip and $199.00 to start immediately if you purchase at the park. If you purchase the Memory Maker in advance but too close to your trip, the day before your trip, the first three days won’t have the Memory Maker because of processing. The cost to purchase a photo that a Photopass photographer takes, plus the ride photos, the special character meet and greets, etc… those photo costs can add up quickly. With PhotoPass you spend the $169 and you get ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS. From the day the photo was taken you have 45 days to download your photo before you lose it. We have hundreds of photos that would have cost us a lot more than the price of the Memory Maker. It may not seem like it but it does save you money, if photos are a priority to you.
  2. The Magic Shots: Disney can make Magic happen everywhere and that includes with the photos. These photos are called magic shots and they can make some of those amazing disney characters join in your photos. For example we have photos with Tinkerbell and Olaf! I have seen Stich as well and there are many different ones at each park! All those Magic shots that a photographer does are included in your Memory Maker price.
  3. The quality of the photos: The cast members taking the photos aren’t just random teenagers that they pulled off the streets. These are legit photographers that have been trained to take these photos. We have tons of beautiful photos especially at Epcot that we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for these amazing cast members. Great quality photos for a pretty good price. Most photo studios charge $169 for 20 photos on a CD.
  4. The ability to share the Memory Maker with your entire group. Only one person in your group has to purchase the Memory Maker. That means whether you have a group of 2 or a group of 10 you all can use the same account. You can even split the cost if you go with friends and that makes this even more affordable. This is great for families especially. We will be going with Sammie’s family next year and we will definitely be getting this so we can capture all the moments with Grammie and Papa, Uncle, and Auntie.
  5. Finally you get any character meet and greet that has a photopass photographer. This includes Mickey, Tinkerbell, Ariel, etc. There are lots of characters to meet and wonderful photographers to capture those moments. We have some amazing candid moments of use talking to Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder that we wouldn’t have gotten without the memory maker. This is a great way to capture some really amazing memories with these characters and you don’t have to fumble around with your camera.

So there you go our Top 5 reasons we think Memory Maker is totally worth it. If you are a first timer to Disney or you are going with your child for the first time, we definitely suggest the Memory Maker just to capture those first moments. It is worth it.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!!!!

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