Top 5 reasons Why We Love Magical Express

When traveling from the Orlando International Airport to Disney we always take the Magical Express. These are the Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Disney’s Magical Express.

5)   Plays Disney shorts and informative videos before you arrive. While riding on the bus you get to watch Disney shorts with old time Goofy, Mickey, and Donald. It also gives you informative information and some history about the Disney parks which we think is pretty cool; for example we learned that some Show Keepers learned to draw characters using the tools of their trade for guests in the early morning.

4) Free Luggage Delivery to your hotel. Who doesn’t like not having to worry about picking up their luggage from the carousels after arriving to go to Disney? US! We love that with the Magical Express each person in your party gets one piece of luggage delivered to your hotel and room. Fair warning, it could take up to three hours after you arrive at Disney for your luggage to arrive to your room. So make sure to have anything you need immediately with your or pick up that luggage at your carousel. How do they figure out which luggage goes to Disney and which goes to the carousel? These yellow luggage tags (pictured below). Each person in your party receives one and when the luggage comes off the plane it is pulled away from other luggage without these tags and placed on a Magical Express cart and sent off to a different location to be loaded up and sent off to Disney. For this trip we have three tags we can utilize since there are three of us. If you need more bags than a carry on and a checked bag per person, you will have to go to the carousel and pick up extra luggage. We never need more than one checked bag each so this is a huge plus for us.


3) Allows you relax going to and leaving from Disney. After traveling to Orlando International and navigating your way from the concourse to the airport proper, its nice not having to get into a rental and driving to your hotel. Even though our flight is only a few hours and we don’t suffer from jetlag, we like the ability to nap going to and from Orlando International. We’re guaranteed not to get lost and we like being chauffeured around.

2) Convenience: The convenience of the Magical Express is a huge plus too. Being located at the airport, and not needing to worry about renting a car is always awesome. It picks you up at the hotel at the end of the trip and you don’t have to worry about returning the car with a full tank of gas. This also allows us to leave the carseat at home, super convenient! The bus drivers are always kind and willing to help load the bags you do have on the bottom of the bus and are there when you exit to help you off.


1)It is Free!!!! Our number one reason we love Disney Magical Express is that it is FREE! Yes that’s right you read that correctly: F-R-E-E!!! When you stay on site it costs nothing extra you just sign up with your package and give them your flight information and then when you get off your flight it is off to the buses.  Sometimes there is some wait for your bus to be ready but it is 100% worth it.


We have attached images of what we were sent from Magical express in the mail, to help give you more information incase you’re interested. We hope this helps you!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

(Featured image Credit to Google)

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