What is in our Travel Diaper Bag?

We decided to do a post on what is in our travel diaper bag for our upcoming Disney Trip! This bag is packed and ready to go for our flight and first day at Disney. Under each picture will be a description on what we packed and why.


First up is our Bag this is our Swiss backpack that we got years ago at Sams Club. Chris used it throughout college and even at his job. This bag is super comfy, can fit lots of stuff in it, and meets all of the airline requirements for a bag.


Next up is our family binder. This holds ALL of our emergency information, trip information, Alice’s Proof of Age, everything! Now you may think we are crazy for having this but hear us out; this binder is for any emergency situations that may come up, for example, car accident, lost child, etc. All of our information is right here for anyone who may need it. It says who they have permission to call and release information too and gives them important allergy information for all of us.

Extra clothing for Alice. We have two outfits here, one is a basic outfit and the other is her Alice in Wonderland dress. We are hoping to meet Alice while there and do plan to change Alice into this costume to meet Alice. I mean who doesn’t want a picture of Alice with Alice dressed as Alice? Confused yet?


Extra shirts for us, we have gotten rained out twice before and were freezing without a change of clothing. So we made sure not to forget extra clothes this trip. We also have two words for you SPIT UP! Yes even at Alice’s age she has puked or spit up on occasion we don’t want to smell that all day on our clothes.


These are the items from the very top of the bag. From left to right and then top. We have two portable chargers for our phones, a spare battery for Alice’s stroller fan, pacifier wipes, a special toy and treat for extremely long lines, an empty ziplock bag, and a Moana tsum tsum. Why two portable chargers you ask, we have them and then we are guaranteed a charged charger each day versus waking up and realizing our one and only is still dead. The spare battery incase her fan dies and pacifier cleaners so we can clean a dropped pacifier. A special toy and snack for long lines, we talked about this unsure if we were going to do it. In the end the thought that this could help major meltdowns was a reason for us to give it a shot, we will let you know if it works! A ziplock bag for wet clothes, cellphone protection from water rides, or to hold leftover snacks. Moana is for our flight, she loves Moana and tsum tsums so we figured this would be a fun little surprise for the flight.


From left to right, top to bottom: Sunglasses, a clean sippy cup, Water Wow! board and pen, and two pouches. These are all really self explanatory, the Water Wow! is our highly recommended item for flights; little mess, lots of fun, and magical!


Diapers and wipes, again self explanatory. We will say this, make sure you pack plenty of them! We have eight diapers and a new pack of wipes going with us because we don’t know if our hotel will be ready when we get there and we may be going right to the park!


From left to right then top: Snack cup, glow sticks, washcloth, sunscreen, pacifier clip, placemats that stick to the table, hat, and spoons. The snack cup has three compartments and we will fill it with her favorite types of crackers. Glow Sticks are to attach to our stroller! We want to make sure we can find our stroller and it sticks out even at night. Why a washcloth? On extremely hot days this is great to get wet and help little one cool off. Sunscreen to help prevent burns and a pacifier clip to help not lose the pacifier. We guarantee we will still lose the pacifier. Placemats, these are great, they stick to the table and can be tossed after a meal. We have staff at restaurants thank us for doing this because it saves them a lot of time not having to scrub after a sticky messy kids. The hat to protect her head. Our own spoons, this is for if we go to the baby care centers at the parks to feed Alice. We looked into disposable spoons but honestly these work just as well and if we lose them we aren’t heartbroken.


Next is Blanky. This is a lightweight muslin blanket we are bringing for multiple reasons. One is for sun coverage it clips on with binder clips really easily to our stroller. Second something to keep her a little warmer in colder rides. Finally the most important something for her to snuggle. She loves these types of blankets to cuddle when she goes to sleep and will use it rather than her lovey.


Finally and it probably is least surprising that it is Alice in wonderland, is our wallet. This holds all of our Disney gift cards, our tips for restaurants, our credit cards that we do bring and our IDs. Sammie doesn’t carry a purse she puts everything in this wallet in the backpack.

Some things we will pack that are not pictured:

  • Stroller fan
  • Ponchos
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottles- Alice is on the Nuk Sippy cup with a soft nipple similar to a bottle so we need that for her to drink milk from on the plane.
  • Milk- We buy Nesquik milk from BJs in the bulk packs that are non-refrigerated so that we have milk for the flight and then we budgeted milk at the hotel and at restaurants into our planning.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

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