Our Top 5 go to Adventures

Here are our Top 5 go to adventures on days we are looking to go and explore.

  1. The Smithsonian National Zoo. We love the National Zoo and there is always stuff to see and explore. We love walking around and exploring the exhibits there is always something “new” to see. For example the last time we went to the zoo the Lions were playing with a barrel. There is also wonderful demonstrations that go on and talks given by keepers. We always have fun at the zoo and we can make a whole day out of it. There is so much to see and do, it always makes for an awesome outing.
  2. The National  Aquarium. This is so much fun to explore, and there is tons to see. Our favorite part of the Aquarium is the large glass window that overlooks their Coral reef exhibit. There is so much to see and is a great place to play I spy with kids. The dolphin demonstration is a lot of fun as well, we have learned so much about dolphins. This is a great place to go and spend a day exploring each of the exhibits. 16864283_749067445247947_3076195235657947084_n
  3. Any park for a hike. We love hiking and we are always up to go for a nice walk around the park. Here in Maryland there are tons of parks that have tons of trails. We can pick on and go explore and always have a new adventure every time we go. Just make sure you have a stroller that is good on all terrain and pack plenty of water!!
  4. Exploring Washington DC. There are so many things to see in Washington that you can’t do it all in one day. We love picking a new a new Smithsonian, park, or area to explore every time we go. A hidden gem we recommend everyone go and do is the Botanical Gardens! This is a beautiful location and they have an outdoor garden off to the side of the building that is great for relaxing and taking pictures. Washington is great because most of the museums are free!
  5. Exploring Downtown Annapolis. This is another great place in Maryland to go and look around. With the Naval Academy right there, which yes you can go walk around at, and tons of little shops this is a great place to explore. We still haven’t seen it all and we have lived here for 4 years! We recommend Mission BBQ for lunch or dinner it is amazing!!!

We hope you like our Top 5 go to adventures!

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

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