Top 10 Sit Down Restaurants at Walt Disney World

With our Disney trip approaching in one month we decided to do our top ten favorite sit down restaurants.

10. The Garden Grill at Epcot’s The Land. We have eaten at the Garden Grill for breakfast and that is probably why it only ranks as number 10. The breakfast was good and the server was great. Breakfast, as are all their meals, is served family style and you can ask for more of anything. For Chip N Dales Harvest breakfast you get: Chips Sticky Buns, Scrambled eggs, thick bacon, sausage links, fresh fruit, hash-brown styled potato barrels, and of course Mickey Shaped Waffles. You basic breakfast, we will say Chips sticky buns were amazing. That isn’t why Garden Grill made our list though, the Character Meet and Greet here is so much fun. We love Chip N Dale, Farmer Mickey, and Pluto! The Character interactions when they come to your table are just so much fun. Also the platform spins, not enough for you to honestly notice, but it does turn and it is great as you get to look at Living with the land from above for part of the spin. This is totally worth going to at least once.

9. The Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom. Now you may be thinking to yourself this is a chain why on earth do you have it on here?! The answer is their breakfast, this is the only time I have seen Rainforest offer breakfast and the Viper breakfast pizza they offer is amazing and huge! It is a great way to get a breakfast to split with family without breaking the budget if you are not doing the dining plan. The prices in general for breakfast here are not bad at all. Plus the ambiance is just so much fun to get you ready for Animal Kingdom. They also offer Tonga Toast here, this is the french toast that Kona Cafe at the Polynesian resort is well known for. So this is an easy way to try that without having to go to the Polynesian if you aren’t staying there.

8. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall at the Norwegian Pavilion in Epcot. If it wasn’t for the awesome Princess encounters at this location honestly it probably wouldn’t have made the list. We loved lunch here but had a very poor experience at dinner. The food is good, the ambiance is awesome and the princesses are even better! We did Akershus Royal Banquet for our honeymoon and again while we did our Gender reveal trip. The princesses were so much fun. We got to meet Belle as we entered and we got a picture with her to take home. The princesses change out depending on meal and day. We met Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, and Cinderella both times we went, but we have heard Mulan makes and appearance as well.10289813_390741411080554_4977281594069873732_n

7. Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom. Yes another Character Meet, these are a lot of fun and the food at Crystal Palace was actually really good. They also have an ice cream machine during lunch and dinner. We loved this location because it was great to meet the friends of the 100 Acre Woods without waiting in line by the Winnie The Pooh Ride. We met Tigger, Pooh, Eeyore, piglet, and rabbit. Loved every minute of it. I really like this one because there are cast members with the characters that are more than willing to take a group photo for you. This is also a great location to get breakfast at 8 AM so you are in the park before everyone else!10373496_412355442252484_7162534809000810124_n.jpg

6. Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. The last character meal I promise. We loved Tusker house out of all the Character meals we have done. We loved the safari theme and we also loved the unique food. Don’t worry if you are not into trying something crazy here they do offer mac and cheese, and other items that are not as adventurous. This is another great character meet where there are cast members with the characters that are willing to take pictures for you. We had so much fun at Tusker house and the decorations are pretty awesome too. We also liked that it wasn’t as crowded as some of the other restaurants we have eaten at were.


5. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at Hollywood Studios. We have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this location. After eating it ourselves we honestly loved it. You get to sit in a car and watch old time movie clips. We loved it, but we will give you some of the reasons that not everyone loves this restaurant. One of our family members went after our recommendation and she said it wasn’t for her. It is a dark restaurant so you can’t see your food all that great, this is part of the ambiance of an old fashion drive in movie. So know before you go if your aren’t thrilled with the idea of eating in a darker restaurant this may not be for you.10801811_412355872252441_6958773661334034152_n

4. San Angels Inn at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot. This is an awesome little restaurant in the back part of the Mexico building. Again this is a darker restaurant and honestly we used our phones the first time we ate here to see the menu. The ambiance and the amazing food is what gets it into our top 5. We have eaten here every time we have gone to Epcot and it is delicious. It also over looks the Grand fiesta boat ride and you sit looking at the volcano and the temple. So pretty, also there is a hidden mickey at this location!

3. Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom. DON’T HATE US FOR THIS NOT BEING NUMBER ONE! In all honestly we do love Be Our Guest, but it is a harder restaurant to get reservations for and even if you get reservation we have waited a half hour past that reservation for a table. We do love the food it is always delicious and the inside of the castle is beautiful. Chris was less than impressed with dessert and the gray stuff, and we have heard it is better at lunch in cupcake form. We have always had dinner here and it is a great chance to meet the Beast! As much fun as this is the reason it isn’t higher ranked is because of the difficulty of getting a reservation here. Make sure to do your best to be on at 180 days before your trip to make this reservation and if you don’t get it check back often. We usually leave a slot for it on our magic kingdom day and check back often to see if someone has canceled. MK_BEOURGUESTCHAR_7615921672

2. Teppen Edo at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot. Teppen Edo is one of the most fun restaurants we have eaten at. This is a hibachi restaurant and it comes with all the bells and whistles. Not only is the food amazing but with them cooking your food in front of you, it just takes the experience to the next level. They also made us an origami oyster in celebration of our pregnancy, SO CUTE. The staff here is wonderful and this is just such a fun experience. It is definitely worth it, and it only costs one sit down meal! I think that it goes unnoticed and is underrated for such a wonderful experience.

1. Our number one restaurant is….CHEFS DE FRANCE. We love Chefs De France, it is by far our must eat at restaurant when we go. The food is great, the dessert is even better and the cast members are beyond wonderful. Out of all the restaurants we feel that the cast members here are the friendliest. There is also so many things here to try if you want to be adventurous but at the same time there is something for everyone! Their portions as with most Disney restaurants are huge. The French onion soup could be an entree to be honest. By far one of the best places to get the best for your money if you are on the dining plan!


We hope you enjoyed out list! Just keep in mind that when choosing a sit down restaurant, if you are unsure if there is something you will eat look at the menu before you book! Disney has all of their menus online when you click on the restaurants name in the dining section.

Until next time remember: The best is yet to come!

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