Before Booking

We wanted to do a post on before booking your stay because you do want to do some research before booking your vacation. So please consider the following questions before you book your vacation.

  1. How are you getting to Disney?
    Consider how you will be getting to Disney, will you fly or drive? If you fly but don’t want to rent a car you have the wonderful option to use the magical express! This is a free bus transportation from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the airport! We will be doing a separate post about magical express while we are at Disney to give better details and information on it. If you drive you have the option to drive around rather than depending on the bus system or other forms of transportation at Disney.
  2. Do I want to stay on site?
    We always stay on site, this is because we only do Disney and we like the vacation packages associated with staying at a resort. We have had friends who don’t stay on site because they only do one or two days at Disney and a few days at Universal and Sea World. There are many perks of staying on site that I will post in a separate post.
  3. If I am staying on site, what hotel fits my needs/budget?
    When choosing a hotel you need to consider your budget and needs, you can price your Disney vacation out without booking at We have done this a number of times so that we can see a rough estimate on how much it is going to  cost before we decide. Also consider how much you are going to be at the parks if you won’t be doing a day at the hotel or spending a lot of time at the hotel, paying extra for a Deluxe hotel or one of the more expensive hotels may be a waste. We have stayed at Caribbean Beach, a moderate resort, and All Star Movies, a value resort; we enjoyed both. Caribbean Beach we stayed at for our honeymoon and we liked that it was a little nicer and more romantic. All Star Movies we stayed at last year as a last minute trip and it was exactly what we needed. We spent most of the time at the park and used the money we saved to get the Memory Maker. So consider your needs and how often you will really be at the hotel.
  4. What time of the year do I want to go?
    There are tons of people who post about the crowds and there are tons of crowd calendars out there. The best times to go that we have seen are: second to last week of August, just remember it will still be hot, from Labor Day until Columbus Day weekend, after Halloween up until the week of Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving week until the second week of December, and from the second week of January until the first week of February. These have the least crowds that we have found on various crowd calendars. Where do we find our crowd calendars you ask? PINTREST! Go get yourself a pintrest account because it has been a huge tool we use to plan. We recommend following Tom Bricker he posts great information!
  5. Are my kids ready for Disney?
    This is the last thing to consider. Now we have had a lot of comments about us taking Alice at one year old. Alice is very tolerable of going out, going on adventures and loves characters. Alice even gets cranky when we don’t take her outside on a regular basis. We have been to a few birthday parties where there are characters and she loved them. In terms of amusement rides at Disney, there are a surprisingly large number of rides toddlers can go on. If your toddler isn’t the type of kid that likes being out for long periods of time, or in overwhelming situations, then you may want to wait until they are a little older to go. The nice thing about taking your kids before three is that you do not pay park admission for them. You know your kid best so don’t let others convince you that you don’t.

We hope this helps a little and if you have anything else you would like us to go into more details about please let us know! Stay tuned for our next post as we continue to get ready for our Disney Adventure.

Until next time remember the best is yet to come!


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